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I will never forget the first time my mom took me to Victoria’s Secret as like a “Welcome to Womanhood” kind of thing. Well, long story short one thing she said that stuck with me was “No matter what you may be wearing you should always feel confident and sexy underneath your clothes.” Fast forward, twenty-some years later I am a still just simple girl with basic needs who pretty much lives in maxi skirts, dresses, drawstring linen shorts and basic plain white tees.
During my pregnancy, I dreaded going to the maternity section. I felt lost in a world surrounded by scrunchie-ruffled apparel with obscenely loud prints. It just wasn’t for me.
Mid-way into the fourth trimester I started searching for a comfortable and supportive nursing bra since going out in public bra-less was.. well… frowned upon.  I was so over the useless clasp, snap, and uni-boob producing man-made nursing bra out there. I just wanted to feel sexy again!!! 

Then there was STORQ.
— All my maternity apparel and nursing bra prayers have been answered.
FINALLY!!! A one-stop shop for comfortable, supportive nursing bra I can wear under any garment that lifts the girls and my spirits without buckles or snaps.

So many Thanks to STORQ for making maternity and nursing simple & sexy again!

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