One year later.

Time flies.

One year ago I started this blog in hopes of (in a perfect world –or at least in my mind) sharing the most taxing of moments including that one time I had to breastfeed my baby in the ladies room, to sharing those high five, super-mom power moments like when your laying down your babe for a nap (still wide awake) and then all of a sudden there is no fight, no fuzz, and like magic – out like a light! (yeah.. those moments are moonwalking-out-of-the-room worthy.)

So yeah, my family and I survived our first year as a tripod! It’s been a trip alright!
Every day gets a little easier or better yet, I like to think of it as we’re learning how to live with each other more and more each day. Don’t get me wrong, I say this with love because every day I am learning something new about my son… what makes him laugh, what makes him cringe, why must he insists on wearing socks and shoes but no pants?!

The other day it finally hit me like a ton of bricks, my son is not a baby anymore. Maybe it was the way the morning sunlight hit his face, or it very well just could have been the way he was demanding yogurt while trying to pry the fridge door open with all his toddler might… But there he was, my growing yogurt loving boy.

I now seriously make a conscious effort to squeeze him as long as he’ll let me before squirming out of my hands since he is only this big today.