3 Reasons Why I love the GB ZuZu

After countless hours of scouring the internet, reading reviews, watching and re-watching YouTube channels, and the numerous no-intent-to-buy trips to our local Babies-R-US store. I finally made my decision!

The criteria was simple. (So I thought.)
Must Be: Lightweight, Travel-Friendly, Easy to Collapse & Reopen Quickly.

The Contenders: GB Orbit, GB ZuZu, GB Ellum, Recaro Easylife Ultralightweight, Mountain Buggy Nano, and the Mamas & Papas Armadillo.

All reasonably priced within $179-$199 found on Babies-R-US & AlbeeBaby
All strollers are amazing in their own way.
All with Pros & Cons, Give & Take between each one.
Which to me, made stroller shopping the most frustrating unpleasant thing on the planet.

As you may notice, I am a huge fan of GB. From their innovative, sleek designs to quality and detail in each product. GB is a luxurious brand with all the bells and whistles you need while super friendly on a growing family’s tiny budget.

So after all my research I felt super empowered, oozing with confidence that had me walking marching into Babies-R-Us to purchase the GB Qbit!
[Cue: slow motion: automatic doors opening + fog machine + hair blowing + Beyoncé in the background –power stride.]

But then, there it was, the deal breaker on full display…

The mother f#$%&! canopy!
It was a one-piece, one-cut to fit material connected to the stroller seat. It was not adjustable, non-detachable. Just by looking at the stroller I could imagine Babyman growing out of it –head touching and poking through the canopy before actually reaching the weight limit (which is 45lbs.)

Here’s 3 Reasons Why I love the GB ZuZu Stroller:

#1. Extending Peek-a-boo + Detachable Canopy!#2. Plush & Padded with a 5 point safety harness + Deep Recline perfect for napping!

Babyman looks extremely comfortable like lazy-boy on wheels status! (weight limit: 50lbs.)
#3. The ZuZu accepts car seats! For us, this is perfect for strolling thru the airport!

Like I said, all strollers have their pros & cons. It all depends on what you feel you need or will work best for your family. As for me the ZuZu checked off all the right boxes: Canopy, Recline, & One that Babyman can grow into. The ZuZu fits us.

Now IF Qbit had: a mesh peekaboo, mesh siding, or removable canopy instead of its current canopy design let’s just say I would be an GB Qbit ambassador for life. The one step, one handed collapse and fold while holding your babe with the other should be a no-brainer! There’s no competition it’s simply the best lightweight, travel stroller out there… just saying.

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